The day I met Ece Ger, a filmmaker in Paris

There are people in this world who do truly extraordinary things; and then there are other people who without doing anything magnificent nor striking, turn out to be absolutely extraordinary creatures.


Paris (Jim Haynes’), 17 May 2015, 22:44

Extract from my personal journal:

Paris, 11th of June 2015

Today it’s two months since I arrived in Paris. Only two months even though it feels like a whole year. I’m happy. Things keep going better and better, especially after… well, not especially. Everything started to go way better after meeting Ece. She’s a true source of energy, inspiration and motivation. When I’m with her I want to draw, write, learn,… I want to CREATE.

Sometimes it feels as if everything I’ve done for the past few months had brought me here because I had to meet her. Leaving my former life behind, coming to Paris at this very moment, coming across that magical bookstore “Shakespeare and Company” that evening, going back a week after to attend that John Baxter’s event, meeting lovely David Turner there who would invite me to join him and attend my first Jim Haynes’ Sunday dinner later that week and finally… meeting Ece, my muse, there.

Attitude, perseverance, pacience; attitude, perseverance, pacience; attitude, perserverance, pacience; and at last one day… boom! Magic happens. Ece, an absolutely fascinanting creature.


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